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This episode features feminist horror writer Spinster Eskie!

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Feminism in Horror blog

Intro music by Jean Baudin. Find his work at
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I'm proud and excited to announce my new podcast, Forest of Immortals! It's a weekly interview series featuring my conversations with creative people of all kinds. In each episode I speak with one person about their creative life, inspiration and thoughts on the bigger picture. The creative process is fun to discuss, but I'm especially interested in the themes and beliefs behind the work, how the world is perceived by the creator, what's under the surface.

In this debut episode, I interview Nic Caesar!
Find Nic at:

The spooky intro music is provided courtesy of my friend Jean Baudin (whom I've also interviewed for a later episode!). He's an incredible musician playing some insane instruments with beautiful, moody and video game soundtrack vibes, so go check him out!

I'm thankful to everyone who's participated thus far, and I'm extremely lucky to know such wonderful creative people and to have the ability to chat with them and ask them strange questions. Please, have a listen, subscribe/follow, and share if you can, because there are a bunch more interviews to come. To make it easy, you can find all my podcasts and episodes on my Podcasts page! Thank you!


April 21, 2018: After an evening of stage-strutting, performing and city-crushing, Monstark is officially named the second-mightiest monster in Portland! I am honored because all the monsters here are mighty, especially the talented creatures with whom I shared the stage. The Monster Pageant was a perfect weird, warm, welcome-to-Portland celebration for me, because it brought together some of my favorite, costumes, performance, karaoke and hanging out with monsters! Thanks to Alex Chiu and the Portland Zine Symposium for putting together this epic evening!


Monstark has left his cave in the woods and has taken human form in order to make art and wear (more) polyester and faux fur.

Monstark now lives in Portland, Oregon, USA, with his cats.

MONSTARK.COM has been completely overhauled.

Things have changed for the better.